Unfinished Business

by Electric Low

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Soooo, this is 6 songs that Jon and I did together. It's called "Unfinished Business" quite literally...several of the tracks never quite got there before Jon left the band. But I didn't want to sit on them for the next hundred years, so here they are. Fo' free, unless you feel overwhelmingly compelled to throw a few dollarzz towards the cause. Enjoy. Or don't. That's ok too. <3 you.


released November 3, 2012

engineered by Jonathan Anderson at Whalehead Records in Virginia Beach, VA



all rights reserved


Electric Low Norfolk, Virginia

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Track Name: Heart of Stone
ten thousand ghosts
follow me home
they think i'm one of them
since my heart's made of stone

it's no surprise
he sleeps with the lights on
minus his disguise
he shows himself in the bright sun

that's the price i pay
for being honest
that's the price i pay
for having a conscience

try to prove that you have a pulse
that buried within you somewhere there's a soul

whatever you have to tell yourself
however you have to sell yourself
there are thieves and there are honest men
and you're the worst of the worst of them
Track Name: New Skin
i don't know what to say
the lines that construct your face
they seem to be etched on my mind
i know that they'll fade
i know that they'll go away
it's only a matter of time
the muscles over your bones
the skin underneath your clothes
will slip away and then i'll be fine

i don't know what to think
as i sort through the wreckage
my mind can't tell what message to send
so the sky starts to bend
all the laws of physics
they seem to just come to an end
the things that i've done
everything that i've become
will simply have to find a new skin

i bite my tongue
i breathe back in all the words i've ever sung
Track Name: Broken Glass
they whisper about you
and i'm sure that most of it is true
but don't think on it too hard
you never meant to harm
i'm caught up in your charm
and the music will go on

put me in a trance
teach me how to dance

i'm here
to take a chance
take my hand
fuck with my life

i'll follow you here and there
show me what i want to see
my foot here
your foot there
i've got on my dancing shoes
and we've nothing to lose
Track Name: Wide Awake
good god, can you carry me away?
nobody's words carry any weight
everyone i know is spinning down a deeper hole than the last
under the impression i'm the singular exception
i've found myself down in the bottom of the well
with every single stone that i had ever cast

i know
this time
it's all
about to crash and burn
i know
the signs
all say i'll never learn

good god, someone open up my eyes
twenty years of underuse has left them paralyzed
everywhere i go i'm throwing bricks into the base of my spine
oh god, please don't tell me this is who i am
quick to throw a noose around the first neck i can grab
Track Name: Shallow Grave
it's not the end
but everything's about to change
time you've spent is wasted
nothing stays the same
wounds made deeper by the salt of the sea
from the mouth of a man who thinks he knows everything
if this grave's not enough too keep you underneath
we'll dig a little further, make sure you're buried deep

i dreamed i was awake
and the earth was small enough for me to take
out of the sky
i'm in control of the tide
if the moon were my mouth
or the ocean were my eyes
i never would have felt the need to ever lie
i never would have become weary enough to die

he owns a piece of the sky
a few thousand stars
the earth a trivial device
an insignificant scar
it won't get him very far

it's not the times that you left
it's all the times that you stayed
to anything that you've said
i have nothing to say
it's not the end of the world
it's just the end of a phase
Track Name: This is Three Words
you said come on, it's alright to let me in
you'll waste away tonight and it's the end
all this time, all those times you said you're fine
you were waiting on the tide to come in

the sky will only blow away from here
this time your side of the story's clear
you're living for yourself, it's for nobody else

well why don't you pour some salt into my open skin
why don't you rub it around until it's broken in
into every single, every single square inch

well did you think that i would actually change myself?
did you think that i could actually behave myself?
or am i just liar who's run out of lies to tell?